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This article is about Wendy the Good Little Witch portrayed by Hilary Duff. For the comics character, see Wendy the Good Little Witch (comics).

Attention, please. Listen. Here is the latest. Desmond is now gone, and Wendy is greatest. She did something no other can boast. This little witch befriended a ghost. So Wendy,you're the greatest. It is her I select. Someday she'll be queen, so show some respect.
―The Oracle

Wendy the Good Little Witch is the female protagonist of  Casper Meets Wendy. According to a prophecy made by the Oracle,Wendy was destined to upstage Desmond Spellman as the Greatest Witch on Earth. However, while Desmond misunderstands and believes the Oracle means she will rise in terms of power, the fortune teller means she will do the one thing a witch never did: befriending a ghost.

Wendy is portrayed by Hilary Duff in the character's first live-action appearance and Duff in her first film role.