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The Skrill is a species of dragon featured in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. They are very territorial and are the Crest of the Berserkers.



  • Internal Body Temperature: Skrills can stay alive in extremely difficult situations, such as being frozen due to their intense internal body temperature.
  • Electrokinesis: While most Dragons use fire as their ranged attacks, the Skrill is one of the few dragons to use electricity instead. He absorbs lightning from the clouds, hence the reason they are often seen during thunderstorms, and can redirect it from his mouth. He can recharge his lightning and store it in his body for use at a later of time.
  • Intelligence: As a Strike Class dragon, the Skrill is extremely smart. He was able to tell when Hiccup was trying to trap him once again but instead caused his plan to backfire, trapping them instead. He was able to remember his old encounters of Outcast Island and Berk to destroy for revenge as he made a sign on Stoick House.
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