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Raymond "Ray" Manchester, also known as the superhero Captain Man, is the deuteragonist in Henry Danger and it's spinoff cartoon, The Adventures of Kid Danger and the protagonist of the spin-off Danger Force. He is Swellview's savior and guardian of the city, having saved the day many times. But as he grew older, he realized his job started to become "a lot to handle alone" and he "needed a sidekick," picking teenager Henry Hart, whom he mentors and despite arguing with him, cares deeply for.

He was portrayed by Cooper Barnes.



Powers and Abilities


  • Indestructibility: Ever since he was eight years old, Ray has been indestructible. He can never get sick and can never be brutally or fatally injured. For example, his father smashed a metal bat over his head but the bat broke and instead, it only hurt Ray for a second or two.
    • Natural Space Oxygen/Space Survivability: Captain Man is able to breathe in space without the use of an astronaut suit and oxygen tank thanks to his indestructibility, as seen in Space Invaders Part 2. It shown that people can hear him in space as well.
    • Inability to get sick/Disease Immunity: Due to Ray being struck by the densitizer and becoming indestructible, Ray has been unable to get sick since the age of 8, until the events of Green Fingers, he was somehow affected by the disease Schwoz invented.
    • Thermal Resistance: Ray can survive any high or low temperatures. He once went into lava and didn't burn up but his clothes however did. He also survive being burned up is space when they were returning to earth in Space Invaders Part 2. For some reason he was almost froze to death in the artic in Ox Pox, despite being indestructible and broke out of Phoebe freeze breath, which can freeze a volcano in 3 seconds.
  • Super Strength: He can take down criminals with his fists and feet. He has also shown other signs of super strength, most notably when Phoebe Thunderman froze him solid only for him to break free a few seconds later or when he lift huge weights. However the only person who is his equal is Drex before and after he became indestructible.
  • High Pain Tolerance: In Tears of a Jolly Beetles, after Minyak took his powers away he survives being stab to the neck, hit though a table, burn by Flamethrower to the hand for 8 seconds, and acid that landed on his feet. When he lost his indestructibility again he was able to survive being throw around by Drex.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand-Combatant: Ray has shown to have skill in hand to hand combat as he has been able to hold his own in multiple fights and has been able to do moves such as suplexes. He can fight many enemies at the same time. Ray is also fast enough to dodge and block laser, hit point-blank laser, and catch Henry off guard before he was fastest than him.
  • Expert Driver/Piloting: Ray has been shown to possess pilot skills, as he's able to fly the Man-copter and teach Henry how to pilot a copter in License to Fly. Ray seems to be an experienced driver like in Whistlin' Susie, He drove an old car while sleeping and in Holiday Punch, he drove the Man Rig while fighting criminals.
  • Marksmanship: Like Henry, Ray can shoot with his laser with precision, but has really bad aiming. Captain Man does not have good aim when it comes to using gun-like weapons, such as when he seemingly shot the Space Bug (but it managed to survive) and when he kept firing at Schwoz who was hanging on the roof but missed every time, and when he once tried to shoot a fly with his gun, he missed the fly and instead shot a hole in the elevator door.



  • His superhero name come from the recurring theme of Superheroes having Captain or Man in their name such as Captain America, Superman, and Captain Marvel.
  • In an audition tape for Henry Danger, Captain Man's name was originally going to be called Galaxy Glen.
  • If you look closely at Ray's left cheek, you'll see a faint scar from the fight that took place in the Tears of the Jolly Beetle episode where his face was cut.
  • Ray was stated to be the best fighter in the world but the people who beat him in combat were people he trained like Drex or Future Piper. Barge only defeated him because he was really cocky.


Carl Manchester (Father)

Carl Manchester is Ray's father, who he had a strained relationship with. he claims his father was an irresponsible scientist because his inventions caused Ray to become indestructible. Carl pulled his son out of school and trained him to be a superhero, causing Ray to miss out on a lot of kid stuff in his childhood.


Henry Hart (Sidekick/Best Friend)

Ray with Henry

Henry is Ray's second sidekick, protege and best friend firsting him in "The Danger Begins" and taking an immediate liking to him. After Henry displayed an act of bravery, Ray accepted him as a Sidekick, paying him nine dollars an hour and Ray hoped Henry could take over for him one day when he reached his old age.  He also does not like it whenever someone threatens Henry, as he violently punched Drex when he returned on the blimp and saw him attacking Henry.

Henry first came to rescue him from the Toddler. He once fired Henry when he revealed his secret to Charlotte Page but hired him back after he gave Ray credit for a supervillain's capture. The two will often fight with each other and become competitive of one another. However, Ray developed a fondness for Henry, seeing him as family and accounting him as a nephew or a younger brother he never had. He often comes to Henry's defense whenever a villain threatens him and gives Henry advice whenever he needs it, even giving Henry a day off when he wanted to go on a date with his then-girlfriend Chloe Hartman. Ray often affectionately calls him "kid" in and out of costume. He claims that Henry is the first Sidekick he actually cares about, as his previous one betrayed him and went to the dark side. However in the last episodes of Henry Danger, Ray's self absorbed nature gets on Henry's last nerves, causing him to quit. They continue fighting even when Henry comes to help him up against Drex. However, the two truly reconcile when Ray saves Henry from Drex and willingly would have given his life to save Swellview if it meant Henry could live. However, the boy refused and instead chose to save Swellview from the Omega weapon.

In Danger Force, Ray reveals he missed Henry and hugs him so much Ray does not want to let go of him.

Charlotte Page (Friend)

Charlotte is the first person of Henry's friend to discover their secret. It is revealed in the first episode that Charlotte idolizes Captain Man. She becomes an official member of the team and Ray becomes rather fond of her. However, Ray will ignore Charlotte when she tries being responsible and trying to tell him right from wrong.  

Ray can be somewhat protective of Charlotte, as shown in "Dream Busters," "Kid Grounded," "The Beat Goes On," and "Indestructible Henry, Part 2," possibly seeing hey like a daughter.

Jasper Dunlop (Friend)

There is a difference to make between Jasper's relation with Captain Man and his relation with Ray. Until he found out that the two are the same person.

Jasper usually acts annoying when is near Captain Man, but generally well-intended. In any way, Ray sometimes doesn't like Jasper, seeing him as an "annoying bucket-lover boy with sweaty hands".

Piper Hart (Friend)

There was a difference to make between Piper's relation with Ray and her relation with Captain Man. She didn't know that the two are the same person until Sister Twister, Part 1. He is often annoyed when Piper interrupts Henry's job as Kid Danger.

Since then they have interacted. Like everyone else Piper isn't found of Ray's immaturity and self-absorb nature.


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