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Marianne is the main protagonist of Lucasfilm's 2015 musical fantasy film Strange Magic. She is the eldest princess of the Fairy Kingdom whose heart is broken when she sees her fiancé kissing another girl on the day of their wedding. Since then Marianne has sworn to never fall in love again. However over the course of her journey to save her younger sister from the Bog King, she ends up falling in love with him.



Marianne appears as the typical fairytale princess: a romantic optimistic in love with a handsome stranger but she is far from it. Before the film's major events unfolded, she was always cheerful, mostly singing to herself on how much she was in love with Roland. However, Marianne was a bit naïve, as she hadn't realized what kind of man her fiancé was, distracted by his looks instead of his personality. When she saw him kissing another girl on their wedding day, Marianne grew heartbroken and swore to never fall in love again. In an unspecified amount of time, Marianne changed completely: she became a skilled swordswoman but suddenly grew uncharacteristically protective of Dawn. She grew terrified of the Dark Forest, panicking when she wandered into the forbidden kingdom at the beginning of the film; eventually, she had to brave the new world to rescue Dawn from the Bog King.

She is also a fiery, independent young woman who can get herself out of trouble, despite people thinking they need to rescue or protect her. She did this by standing up to Roland by singing "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)," showing her own way of defending herself through singing and she was able to face the Bog King while fighting him at the same time. Marianne is also a fairy who craves adventure, stating that now she had wanted this desire as she ventured to the Dark Forest, she now has it to rescue her sister.

Since her heart was broken, Marianne has cut herself off from romance, as she hates anything that is related to romantic love. Because of her experience with Roland she doesn't want the same thing to happen to her sister, Dawn, explaining why she constantly protects her so she doesn't go through the same experience. However, bonding with Bog by destroying his mother's romance decorations and a small romantic flight with him caused her to open her heart to a romance, causing her to develop an immunity to Sugar Plum's love potion, as Bog loves and cares for who she is.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: Marianne can fly because of her butterfly wings. She is shown to fly very fast, as she got to the Dark Forest Castle and fought very fast as she dueled with Bog King. However she could not fly through a Forest filled with thorns.
  • Skilled swordswoman:After her heart was broken, she became a warrior princess, becoming a skilled swordswoman, enough to keep up with Bog, who was impressed with her fighting skills. However, their fight never reached a climax, as they both were exhausted and gave up fighting.
  • Love potion immunity: Marianne cannot be affected by the love potion because of her real love for Bog.

Role in Strange Magic

Marianne is the princess of the Fairy Kingdom, engaged to one of the realm's finest knights, Roland. She accidentally stumbles upon a primrose petal in the Dark Forest, encountering the goblins before fleeing and leaving the primrose petal behind. Hoping to see Roland before their wedding, Dawn (Marianne's sister) fixes the a boutonniere that Marianne made for him, the elder Princess rushes off to find him and give it to Roland; however, Marianne sees him kiss and embrace another girl. Heartbroken, Marianne flies off, crying. She cancels the wedding, refusing to ever tell anyone, not even her sister, the reason why. Broken, Marianne trains herself to be a warrior princess and swears to never fall in love again. In the time skip, Marianne becomes more protective of her boy-crazed sister so Dawn does not suffer heartbreak like her.




  • "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"


  • "Can't Help Falling in Love" (with Roland)
  • "C'Mon Marianne / Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" (with Roland)
  • "Straight On" (with Bog)
  • "Strange Magic" (with Bog)

Group Songs

  • "Tell Him / Wild Thing" (with the whole cast)


  • Marianne is based on the character Hermia from A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.
  • From the beginning of the film, the first plot point that shows Roland only cares about her looks is when Roland discovers she was in the Dark Forest, shows that he cares more about her appearance than who she is.
  • At one point, Marianne is practicing using a sword to block incoming fairies while blindfolded, mirroring Luke Skywalker doing the same thing with the training robot in Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • She states she will find a boy who she might fall in love with without having the need to punch him in the face. Ironically, she ends up punching the Bog King when she first meets him.