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I go where you go.
―Gurjin to Rian

Gurjin is one of the tritagonists in Netflix's dark fantasy adventure series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, along with Hup, Naia and Kylan. He is a member and prince of the Drenchen Clan, Rian's best friend, and Naia's twin brother.

Gurjin is voiced by Harris Dickinson and performed by Dave Chapman.


Gurjin is the brother of Naia and son of Maudra Laesid of the Drenchen Clan. At some point, Gurjin joined the Gelfling Guard at the Crystal Castle where he became friends with Stonewood Warrior, Rian and the Vapran guard, Mira. However, their friendship came with a price, as they would often drag him on unwanted adventures. 

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

End. Begin. All the Same. 

While doing his usual patrol, Gurjin was dragged along on an unwanted adventure for hunting an Arathim soldier with his best friends Rian and Mira while wanting to be at his post. Gurjin gets annoyed by the couple and begrudgingly follows them as their third party while also complaining. He stopped, wanting Rian and Mira to continue on by themselves. However, Gurjin was suddenly confronted by the Arathim spitter and yelled for Mira and Rian. The two came back and the three friends pursued the spitter but it escaped down the catacombs. Mira was more determined than Gurjin and Rian and flew down herself. When they did not hear from her, Rian went down to search for her, ignoring Gurjin's calls. After waiting for his friends, the Drenchen prince returned to his post, remaining oblivious to Skeksis draining Mira of her essence.

Nothing is Simple Anymore

Gurjin is suddenly interrogated by Rian's rival, Tolyn, who shares the Chamberlain's lies that Rian murdered Mira in a fit of madness and that they accused him of being a traitor as well because of his relationship to Rian's best friend, while Gurjin is oblivious to his whereabouts and actions. The two guards leave but their opinions of him does not change as him. As Gurjin went back to his post, Rian came up from behind and pulled him back. A surprise Gurjin asked Rian what happened when he pulled him into a conversation. As Rian began to frantically wonder how they would escape the Castle,Gurjin demanded to know what happened to Mira and revealed the accusations the Skeksis made to Rian that he killed his lover. However, Rian told his best friend to dreamfast with him to know the truth. Though slightly reluctant, Gurjin complied and was horrified by watching the Skeksis drain Mira of her essence via Rian's memories and refused to see any more, aware of the lies and crimes the Skeksis spread. For a moment, Gurjin brought Rian to an embrace and they mourned Mira's death. He sided with his best friend, proclaiming he would go where Rian would go but they would need a plan to leave the Castle.

They were going to sneak into the Scientist's lab to steal the proof of the Skeksis' crimes for Maudra Fara: Mira's essence. While Gurjin believed Rian could just dreamfast with her, his best friend contradicted him because if something happened to Rian, Gurjin realized that he could not share the memories and that th essence was a fail safe. After successfully evading skekZok and skekAyuk, they came across the Crystal of Truth, with Gurjin wondering if it was supposed to be that color but Rian revealed it has been corrupted. The duo climb down the shaft of air that the Crystal hands over and into SkekTek's lab. However, they are unable to get Mira's essence due to a locksnake and the Chamberlain approaching. Gurjin and Rian hide and watch as SkekSil steals the vial they need until SkekTek catches him in the act but SkekSil tries manipulating his way out of it. While SkekSil and SkekTek suddenly sense the two's presence, SkekTek noticed that the cupboard was opened and accused SkekSil of stealing the essence. They squabbled, Rian grabbed Mira's vial and he and Gurjin ran for it. However, SkekSil took Gurjin hostage and attempted to get Rian to surrender; however he heard Gurjin not to listen. When one of the three Suns peaked over the nearby window, Gurjin stabbed the Chamberlain and yelled to Rian to run. As his friend escaped, Gurjin told SkeKTek and SkekSil that now Rian was free, they would never catch him. However, the Chamberlain said that they would say.

Following Gurjin's capture the Skeksis told Ordon that both Rian and Gurjin were both traitors and that they murdered Mira.

Captive by the Skeksis

Later, Gurjin was imprisoned in the Skeksis' dungeons, where he was confronted by SkekSil, who showed him the peeper beetle. The Gelfling thought that the Chamberlain was going to torture him with it. However SkekSil was only threatening Gurjin with it and said that torture for Gelflings would be even worse. He pressures Gurjin to tell him where Rian went but Gurjin remained defiant and refused to betray his best friend. SkekSil stormed out of the dungeon, leading Gurjin to remain in worry what the Skeksis would do to him.

While in Stone in the Wood, Ordon (who did not believe Rian) told his son that Gurjin was being held captive in the castle, where Rian was surprised to hear his best friend was still alive. When Ordon stated that Gurjin 'confessed', Rian asked his fahter if he even talked to Gurjin.

SkekTek wanted to try the machine on Gurjin, but SkekSo ordered Gurjin be left alive in case he proved to give more information.

Later, Gurjin suffered torture from SkekVar. He attempted to break Gurjin while using the Dark Crystal into revealing where Rian was and draining him of his essence in the process, ignoring SkekTek's warnings. However, Gurjin still refused to give up his best friend, giving him an absurd answer every time SkekVar tried to interrogate him. SkekSo came into the room and told SkekVar that he left for Ha'rar in the morning.

Rescuing Rian

Gurjin would not suffer long, for his sister, Naia and her best friend Kylan were hoping to capture Rian and trade him for her brother's freedom. However, Naia saw that Gurjin stayed behind to let Rian escape and would only go to Ha'rar after saving her brother. Naia and Kylan accompanied her, saving Gurjin from SkekTek's lab. Afterwards, the Trio left the castle while Tavra stayed behind to investigate the Skeksis before she was captured herself.

Later, Gurjin, Naia and Kylan discovered Rian had lost his father and was captured by SkekMal and in the Skeksis chamberlain's carriage. Gurjin and Naia went to rescue him while Kylan stayed behind to make broth for them when they returned. Gurjin and Naia boarded the Chamberlain's carriage and got away on SkekSil's Armaligs. Now safe, Rian and Gurjin embraced each other after a small reunion but Rian had to be careful of Gurjin's wounds, as he was still recovering from the torture skekVar put him through.

Joining the Rebellion

Rian informed his friends of his father's death, and Gurjin comments that Ordon was a good captain. He joins Rian, Kylan and Naia in dreamfasting to learn more of the Skeksis that Rian had encountered but isntead of regular dreamfasting, Gurjin's spirit is sent to the Dreamspace, where Aughra reveals that she brought them all together and that Thra calls out to them all. However, Seladon refuses to submit, causing Aughra to return her to her body. Gurjin learns of Brea and Deet's part in the tale and that they all must save Thra. Aughra tells Gurjin, Naia and Kylan to go to all seven corners of Thra and unite the seven Gelfling clans. Afterwards, Aughra sends Gurjin back to his body. 

As soon as the friends woke up, Gurjin, Naia, Kylan and Rian arrived in Ha'rar too late, as the Skeksis, SkekVar and SkekZok had taken Brea, Deet and their Podling companion, Hup, hostage and en route to the Castle of the Crystal. However, Gurjin and his friends stopped the carriag and Lore was able to free them from their cage by taking off the door with his strength. Following a successful rescue of Deet, Brea, Hup and the paladins, Gurjin, his sister, and Kylan accompanied Rian, Brea, and Deet into the Crystal Desert. It was here they performed their own memorial ritual for Mayrin, who had been killed by the Skeksis general SkekVar. The next morning, when Rek'yr offered the Gelfling a trip across the desert to the Circle of the Suns after convincing from Brea. As Gurjin, Kylan and Naia went to spread the word of the Skeksis crimes, he and Rian gave one last goodbye before he left for the Circle with Brea, Deet, Hup and Lore.

Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood

Gurjin was present with his sister in their clan when Rian spoke into the blue flames of rebellion. Gurjin and Naia convinced their mother, Laesid to aid Rian in battle. SkekSo tried to unleash the darkening, killing several gelfling and Arathim. However, Deet saved Gurjin and everyone else by absorbing the Darkening with her Sanctuary tree powers and firing back at the Skeksis, managing to kill SkekLach. The remaining Skeksis fled with the death of their own (SkekLach, who had been killed by Deet and SkekVar, who was secretly murdered by SkekSil. ) Gurjin celebrated with everyone else, first embracing his sister and then Rian. After Seladon and Seethi hugged Gurjin, he assumed everyone wanted one. As he turned to the next person, he was suprised to see an Arathim standing behind him. Gurjin accepted it and hugged the creature as it wanted it. Later, Brea found the Shard of the Division, and Gurjin listened to Aughra's speech that hope is a fragile thing.


Gurjin is a loyal and caring friend to both Rian and Mira, both growing as brothers-in-arms. He as willing to protect his best friend from anything, whether it be the Skeksis or their fellow Gelfling, as he refused to give Rian's location up to the Skeksis and remained strong-willed and gives out snarky comments even in torture. He cares for his sister, as she was wiling to launch a rescue mission to save him from the Skeksis.

Gurjin would give his life for his friends, as he selflessly stayed behind to ensure Rian's escape. However, he could be somewhat of a coward, as he didn't like it when Rian and Mira dragged him along on one of his many adventures. However much different, Gurjin remained a bold individual and was insulted when Aughra didn't give Gurjin a title until Rian called him "Bold Gurjin" because he was left out.

Powers and abilities

Dreamfasting: Gurjin can share his memories and thoughts with another Gelfling and vice versa whenever he is in physical contact with other Gelflings by touching each other's hands.

Connection to Thra: Like other Gelfling, Gurjin and his race are the creatures who have the closest connection to Thra and to Mother Aughra's heart. When Gurjin dies, his essence will return to Thra.


Sword fighting: Gurjin was well versed in sword-fighting due to being trained to being a guard of the Crystal Castle.

Strong Will: Even under torture, Gurjin was able to withhold information of Rian's whereabouts to the Skeksis, especially being able to resist even SkekSil, who was a master manipulator.

Swimmer: Gurjin is a capable swimmer, due to his clan, the Drenchen Clan, having gills and being able to swim under water.

Physical appearance

Gurjin is a lean Gelfling with dark brown hair with blue-green streaks. His hair is put in a dreadlock-esque hair style. His skin is light brown with tints of light blue, especially near his forehead.




  • Gurjin is Harris Dickinson's first role as a prince in 2019, followed by Prince Philip from Maleficent.
  • He was the first Drenchen introduced in the television series while it is his sister, Naia, in the books.


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