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Emma Swan-Jones is the overall deuteragonist in ABC's Once Upon a Time as the main protagonist of the first six seasons and a supporting protagonist in the seventh season. She was a twenty-eight-year-old woman who comes to Storybrooke, Maine after her biological son Henry Mills brings her home to free everyone from the Dark Curse cast by the Evil Queen, who will do anything to ensure that the Curse remains in tact. However, Emma breaks the curse when she gives Henry true love's kiss.  


Born to Snow White and Prince Charming, Emma was taken to the Land Without Magic, growing up in many foster homes in the foster system.


As a product of true love, Emma has a pure heart, both physically and metaphorically. She is a deeply damaged and a very conflicted woman. Growing up, Emma had become conflicted. At the start of season 1, she is a loner, having no friends until her son shows up after ten years to help her save their family. Despite the fact she doesn't believe, Emma still cares about the other people around her. Like Mary Margaret, she grows to realize she is her family (while both of them were unaware of their relationship as mother and daughter. She later grows to be protective of her son Henry and played along with his curse because of her believing he had an overactive imagination. . Sometimes she is distrustful of those around her, because Lily Page had lied to her while they were friends hiding away. She does not like being lied to and later becomes to trust her other friends.

Physical Appearance

Emma has wavy blonde hair and hazel olive eyes. Her skin is as pale as her mother's white skin but crossed over with her father's skin tone. She is also very beautiful. Her signature clothes are black tank top, red leather jacket, blue jeans and boots, Emma has her mother's facial structures and she inherited her hair from her father and eyes from her mother. As the Dark One, her skin is paler than her natural and she also has white hair. Emma also has worn dark clothes, undergoing hardly any physical change. After the darkness is removed from her, Emma then reverts back to having her blonde hair, red jacket, white shirt and jeans.


Emma has the Magic of True Love, which is one of the most powerful forms of magic of all. She exhibited true love's kiss by kissing Henry, breaking the curse instantly out of her maternal love towards her son. If any witch rips out Emma's heart, they will not succeed and only be blasted with an energy of magic. Because of her inexperience with magic, Regina becomes her magical mentor. Emma can also create fire by making fireballs and lighting candles of her own free will. She also had a powerful ability of lie detection due to the fact Emma had no magic until Storybrooke had been infested with magic.


  • Laws of Magic: Emma is limited to the Laws of Magic. The laws of Magic state you can not bring back the dead, you can't make someone fall in love with you or time travel (though Zelena almost succeeded in breaking this law.
  • Leaving Storybrooke: if she left Storybrooke, Emma would become mortal and then she would be powerless and lost all her magic. However, Emma can still leave Storybrooke more than most people

Former weaknesses

  • Dark One's dagger: During her reign as the Dark One, Emma's weakness was her own dagger. Anyone who possessed it could control her every thoughts or actions. Whoever killed Emma with her dagger, she lost her title the Dark One and she would be predecessor of the new Dark One.
  • True love's kiss: Another one would be true love's kiss, but it will not work unless she enjoyed the magic or if both Dark Ones are involved with each other.


  • Regina Mills (formerly)
  • Rumplestiltskin (formerly)
  • Genie/Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass
  • Ryan
  • Cora
  • Wraith
  • Mulan (briefly)
  • Aurora (briefly)
  • Killian Jones/Captain Hook (formerly)
  • Cora
  • Anton/Tiny (formerly)
  • Greg Mendall
  • Tamara
  • Peter Pan (fake identity)/Malcolm (real identity)
  • Felix
  • Lost Boys (formerly)
  • Zelena (formerly)
  • Flying Monkeys
  • Wizard of Oz/Walsh
  • Black Knights
  • Ingrid (formerly)
  • Ingrid's Ice Soldiers
  • Maleficent (formerly)
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Ursula (formerly)
  • Isaac Heller/The Author
  • King Arthur
  • Queen Guinevere (formerly)
  • Percival
  • Nimue
  • Dark Ones
  • Hades
  • Cerberus
  • Lady Tremaine
  • Dr. Jekyll
  • Mr. Hyde
  • Evil Regina (formerly)
  • Black Fairy
  • Spider of the Echoless Forest
  • Gideon (formerly)
  • Wish Realm Hook (formerly)
  • Wish Realm Rumplestilskin (indirectly)


  • Like her mother, son and granddaughter, Emma likes cinnamon with her hot cocoa.
    • In addition, she enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches. er Dark Swan counterpart was inspired by Odile from Swan Lake.
  • Emma is similar to Harry  from Harry Potter, as both of them were orphans raised by non-magical people, and were destined to defeat  a great evil even before they were born (The black Fairy for Emma and the Dark Lord Voldemort for Harry) and finally found their family. They also married and had children with their respective love interests. 
    • Ironically, in season 4, date mentioned to Ingrid that she rushed she could teleport home like Harry Potter could



  • Emma's Theme

Group Songs

  • A Happy Beginning" (with Snow,, David Killian, Regina, Zelena and Henry and the people of Storybrooke


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